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Review and Analysis: FUTBIN Import Extension for Chrome

Browser extensions have become an intrinsic part of our digital lives, catering to a range of needs from lifestyle and entertainment to sports and live scores . In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at a top-rated sports-related Chrome extension : the FUTBIN Import Extension.

What is the FUTBIN Import Extension?

Designed for avid football and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) enthusiasts, the FUTBIN Import Extension is one of the best Chrome extensions for sports fans. It enables users to import their FUT club data directly into FUTBIN, providing an easy-to-navigate summary of their club's players, consumables, player assists, goals, and more.

Outstanding Features of FUTBIN Import Extension

Football fans worldwide love the FUTBIN Import Extension for its ability to streamline the management of their FUT Club. The extension provides valuable insights such as top goal scorers, top assists, most profitable players, the biggest loss on players, consumables summary, trade pile information, and much more. This data is crucial for FUT club owners, offering a comprehensive overview of their club's status and performance.

User Reviews and Ratings

With an aggregate rating of 4.02 out of 5, the FUTBIN Import Extension is one of the top Chrome extensions for sports and entertainment. Users like Максим Беляев have expressed an interest in the extension's continued support for newer versions of FIFA, indicating its relevance and importance among fans.

Positive feedback from users such as AReisC13, who find the extension "very useful", and Yakup Katirci, who calls it "perfect", highlight the extension's efficacy. However, negative reviews from Vladyslav Levin and David Hamer, who experienced difficulties with the import feature, hint at areas for potential improvement.

Why Choose FUTBIN Import Extension?

The FUTBIN Import Extension's high rating can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, practical functionality, and the value it adds for FIFA fans. Whether you're keen on tracking live scores or maintaining an efficient management of your FUT Club, this extension is a must-have for every FIFA player.

Despite some users facing challenges, the overall positive reviews affirm the FUTBIN Import Extension as a powerful tool for enhancing online engagement with the FIFA Ultimate Team platform. It's a testament to the potential of Chrome extensions to enrich our digital lifestyle and entertainment experiences.


In summary, the FUTBIN Import Extension stands out among other sports-related Chrome extensions, thanks to its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface. Whether you're an avid FIFA player or a football fan wanting to keep tabs on your FUT Club, the FUTBIN Import Extension is a top Chrome extension worth considering.

FUTBIN import extension analyses your FIFA Ultimate Team data

Easily navigate your club with FUTBIN import

Find top goal scorers and assists with FUTBIN

Identify most profitable players through FUTBIN import

Get summary of consumables with FUTBIN extension

FUTBIN import may not support all FIFA versions

Some data may not be accurately imported by FUTBIN

272 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension
Vladyslav Levin

import doesnt work

David Hamer

just doesnt work

Ivan Baws

It could be good if you could actually earn some coins to use it. Apsolute scamm keeps scanning players and doesnt give any cons to use this feature.

Andrés Reis Couto

Very useful

luis carlos souza


Maksym Bieliaiev

will you support fifa20 web app?

Booo oovi



Why it's stopped working?

Alessio Aimetta

Is not working FIFA20

Elio De Angelis

awesome but now it doesn't works

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